If You Were Going to Die at Midnight…


In light of the last post I wrote, “Wanna Play 20 Questions?…Sort of…” I’ve decided that I’m going to pick a few of those questions and answer them in future blog posts..like this one!

Today’s question, “If you were going to die at midnight, what would you be doing at 11:45 p.m.?”

When thinking about this question, a million other ones came to mind…such as, “how far in advance do I know that I’m going to die at midnight on such and such a day?..24 hours? A week?” Because, if I knew far enough in advance, I’d be able to call people up, tell them how much they meant to me, and then plan the sickest farewell party EVER!!..But, what if I found out at 11 p.m. day of? You can’t exactly rally the troops together, go through your bucket list, or make a lot of phone calls.

But, if I had to decide what I would be doing at 11:45 p.m., regardless of how far in advance I knew I was going to be gone at midnight, I’d have to say that I’d keep it simple. I would want to be in my bedroom in my parent’s house. And, I’d want to be lying on my bed, because I LOVE my bed! Seated around me would be my parents, brother, and dog. In bed with me, holding on to me, would be my boyfriend. We would all be talking, reminiscing, and they would hopefully reassure me that the life I lived was a good one, and that everything was going to be ok.

Now, to be honest, I had to debate about this a bit. On one hand, I would want them there with me. But, on the other, would I really want them to see me die? Would I really want my boyfriend to be holding on to me as I took my last breath? That kind of stuff changes your LIFE. I’ve known many individuals that have seen a loved one on their last leg, and it’s not pretty. But, on the other hand, I wouldn’t want to be alone, and I wouldn’t want them to leave the room shortly beforehand knowing what I was going through on the other side of the door.

But, I guess what I’m really getting at is, there’s nothing sweeter in this world than family; and I have the absolute best. At the end of your life, it’s not going to be your possessions that you cling to, it’s going to be the people you love most. That’s why I’m such a huge advocate of work, life, balance. Yes, you have to fill your time here with something. But, if that something constantly causes you to miss out on time with the one’s you love most…is it really worth it? Because, at the end of your life, you’ll look back and think of everything you’ve ever wanted to do, and you’ll probably make a checklist, as in, “did I get to do this? Yes or No” and then move on. You’ll also probably wish that you were more vocal with your opinions, spent more time with family and friends, and that you didn’t work so hard.

Why do I know this? Because I’ve read different studies on what individuals greatest regrets were while they were on their deathbed. And the above are all of those are things the wished they could’ve clung on to while they were living. So, why wait? Apply what you want to do today, because as far as I’m concerned, there are no do-overs.

So, what would you be doing at 11:45 p.m. if you knew you were going to die at midnight?

Granny Smith – over and out

12 thoughts on “If You Were Going to Die at Midnight…

  1. At 11:45, I’d call my fave late night food spot and place an order for pickup. I’d go to my closet, pick out a favorite outfit regardless of weather, and get dressed. I’d drive over to the restaurant, get my takeout, then drive over to the beach. Everything’s within minutes from me, mind you. At 11:55 I’ll call emergency services, give them my location on the beach, and request a coroner on scene.
    I die organized, full, and content. 🙂

  2. I thought of the same thing as you, except it’s a girlfriend and there’s no dog. And I’d have my grandma too if possible. I’ll need 24hr notice though because these people live in 3 different countries from each other.Thanks for following my blog! 🙂

  3. This has been on the mind of me and my family a lot (so much that I think my next blog post will be on this topic thanks to your additional thoughts as well). I truly appreciate the fact that you thought about how it would effect those you love. We just put down our Golden Retriever of 10 years (and stayed for the whole gut/heart wrenching process as she passed on). It really made us take stock and think about not just the time we have left and what we want to do with it but how and when we die and how we want it to effect/not effect the ones we love. And how jarringly beautiful death can be if we let it…
    Thank you for lots to think about.

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  5. First I would thank you for following my blog. Then I would quickly tell you I like your stuff and am following you as well. After I figure I have thirteen minutes left. I have to say I would want to call my kids and tell them one more time I love them, but keep them in the dark. With the five minutes left I would hold my wife close and then the last three seconds whisper, “It was the best life ever, I love you. Goodbye.”

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  7. I didn’t have time to think of anything else. I immediately answered hugging my hubby! And thats all my brain could focus on after that. 🙂

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