You’re Fired!


Alright ladies and gentlemen, here’s the deal…I’ve been canned…and I’ve never been felt this confused, happy, and frustrated all at once…It kindof feels like someone just broke up with me.

Below is a description of what went down, and I hope you can learn from my mistakes…

On Monday, I was called into the CEO’s office and let go. He basically told me that I wasn’t good enough at what I was hired to do. But, “don’t worry!” he exclaimed, “you’re talented in many other areas, and this is going to be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.”

Truth be told, I love my former CEO. He’s the greatest man anyone could ask to work for. But, the company culture was a TERRIBLE fit…and I knew it was a terrible fit even before I started working there.

Here’s the deal, folks…when I interviewed for my “previous” position, I couldn’t stand the woman that was my “supervisor to be.” Rule #1: If you can’t stand them in the interview, you probably shouldn’t take the job. But I thought, what the hell? I probably won’t have to work that closely with her…Seriously, what was I thinking? Of course I’m going to have to work closely with her! She’s my SUPERVISOR!!! YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!

But, I digress. I was with my previous employer for 6 months, and each week got a bit worse. I hated my boss from the start, but as time went on, I began to hate the colleague that I worked the most with. I hated the company’s processes, I didn’t really care about the work that I was doing because I hated the industry, and I hated the company’s weird rules and regulations. Rule #2: All of the issues that I just mentioned are GREAT reasons not to stick with a position…or, they’re great reasons to try and put a positive spin on your situation if you just don’t have a choice.

For me, there was no “putting a positive spin on my situation.” I came home every night miserable. I would hear the alarm go off every morning, give myself a pep talk, and then walk into the office only to be beaten down by my boss and a few of the individuals I worked closely with. Most of the time, I ended up bringing work home with me in the evenings and only pausing to have something to eat. I was getting very little sleep, and some weeks I didn’t even have enough energy to shower. The truth is, there was no turning this train around. Each week, I cared less and less and wished so badly that someone would just see that I was trying so hard and help me. I thought that asking for less work would be inconsiderate as my counterpart was already doing most of it, and it is what I was hired to do…so I kept being miserable. My boss could see my misery, I saw it, and my colleagues saw it, so it was time to go.

Am I upset that I wasn’t given more time to truly find my place within the company? Sure! But, I already hated my life so much that I decided this is probably for the best, and I need to continue my job search.

In a world where so many people are struggling to find jobs, let alone jobs that they actually like, it’s important to apply, apply, apply, but also take the time to find a position that you can really see yourself thriving in. To be perfectly honest, my position got me so wound up that I was lashing out at friends and family, quickly losing self confidence, and at times, I even thought that not waking up the next morning would be better than living.

No one should ever have to feel this way. So please!!!! Learn from me and work hard to find a position you love!

And, if you know of someone who’s hiring, feel free to pass their information my way! 😉

Granny Smith – over and out

30 thoughts on “You’re Fired!

  1. I’m sorry to hear that your previous job made you so miserable – there is nothing worse than being overworked and undervalued – and I hope the next position you’re offered, is one you truly LOVE.

  2. The whole culture of “be thankful you have a job” is a load of horse hockey. Being miserable 8 (plus) hours a day is no way to live. I’m glad you’re out of there. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

  3. Unclear whether your “previous” position was the one you just lost or the one before that. In any case, David Viscott had something to say about working in situations where emotions become important (I’m paraphrasing): “Feelings don’t count at work. You do the work, they pay you, you go home, you spend it.”

    Anyone in a position where they can’t set their feelings aside and just do the work without emotional involvement, is doomed. As you more or less state, you dealt yourself a losing hand from Day One: you were already judgmental before you started. And your judgment was probably not wrong, merely irrelevant.

    I once had to fire an employee who had (unknown to me) gotten crosswise with virtually everyone at work but me. One day I asked her to do a task my way. She immediately went into snit mode. I called her into my office a few days later and told her, “Cindy, we aren’t paying you enough for you to get emotionally involved in this work…” We discussed the situation and mutually agreed that it was appropriate and beneficial for her to move on. She thanked me and left my office.

    I hope your next position is one you’ll love and that those around you will love having you show up every day. Even so, maintain a judicious wall between your private life and your work life.

  4. Wow that’s rough bro. I was in that precise situation for a year, 6 months ago. I almost thought you were talking about me there BUT I GOT OUT. And I’m so glad I did. Goodluck with your search for a new job!

  5. Sorry about the loss of ur job, or do i say congratulations? i’ve been there too, terrible feeling, in my case i quit, i just didn’t show up at work the next day and sent an email to my boss telling her how she was great but it was my field. She knew i was being sarcastic. Thanks for following You must be talented and will find something better.

  6. When I finished Uni, I was in a similar position at a job too. I hated it, and my bitch manager. It really annoyed me because despite it all I worked like a dog for them.

    One day I rang in and told her I was leaving, best thing I did (I think lol)…1 year later the whole department had been shut down. Fast forward a few more months, and the manager was ringing me asking if I was interested in working for her at her new company. I obviously said no.

    Good luck to you

  7. Sometimes leaving, or being fired is the best thing, you were not were you were suppose to be……….it is a very cruel world out there and yes one should be thankful one has a job, but one should not be abused. So pull your socks up, decide who and what you want to be and where you want to do it, visualize it and then go make it happen…..there is still a bit of magic left out there! 🙂

  8. Dear Granny,
    I can’t invent a way to help you love your job(s) but I have invented a special concoction – – – and believe it or not I have named it the “Granny Smith” because it is the same color as those green apples with a touch of yellow. HERE GOES;

    Take a short tumbler (three inches in diameter by three inches deep – – – or thereabouts) and fill it to the top with ice. Add one shot of Southern Comfort and one shot of vodka. Then add 1/4 teaspoon (that’s right – – – just 1/4 teaspoon) of Crème de Menthe syrup. Stir. If the glass is not quite full and the significant other is not watching then add a little more SoCo. If you are being observed then just add another ice cube (or those little half round ice thingies).

    It won’t help you find a job or put up with a job; it will just make the end of your day go a little smoother and the Swat Team will not have to come to your house because you are having a tiny melt down.

    Best of luck with the work life.

  9. Sorry to hear this, and know that you are not alone in feeling this way in a job, I went though a similar situation a few years ago but walked away on my own. But I agree with you – find a job that you feel you will thrive in and you will be a success! If you can afford to do it, take your time and don’t jump at the first thing that comes along. Meanwhile I’ll be watching – and thanks for following my little corner of the blogiverse 🙂

  10. You’re so right. I volunteer at an organization that helps job hunters, and one of the things that we emphasize is that you really need to select a company that fits YOU and will value the hard work you do.

    Life is short and work should not be a misery. Best of luck in your job search and I hope you find a job that suits your skills and talents soon.

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  12. The only way we can move forward and become renewed is to release the past. Each success is built upon our past experiences. So you are ready to move forward and the new door will open in due time!!!!!

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