I Can’t Be The Only One

A lot of people state that they can’t remember their dreams. Well, 99.9% of the time, I can. And, usually, they’re pretty crazy. And, a lot of the time, they relate to what’s going on in my life.

For example, last night, I had a dream that me and one of my ex-boyfriends starting chatting it up like we were old friends. In dream land, a few days had gone by and we were hanging out like nothing had ever happened between us.

This dream shouldn’t weird me out, and it’s by no means scary, but the fact that it’s happened multiple times before does. It’s also happened regarding another ex that I haven’t spoken to in many years. And, every time it does happen, we’re the best of friends, always. No negativity.

I hate to admit it, but sometimes, my dreams will take me back to when me and one of my ex’s were together. It will literally catapult me back through time and take me to a scene that once existed.

I always wonder how these dreams start, and I think I know. All of the guys that I’ve ever dated I’ve been friends with first. So, naturally, we have a few mutual Facebook friends. Would it be wrong to say that I creep on them from time-to-time? Hell no, everyone creeps on their ex’s! Anyway, the night I had my dream about one of my ex-boyfriends was the night that I had found some recently tagged photos of him on Facebook. So, I’m starting to believe that there’s a bit of a reality-to-dream connection.

Now, this connection isn’t the worst thing in the world because I’ve found that in works in other ways every once in awhile. For example, I haven’t seen my boyfriend in over a week. Coincidentally, I was thinking about him and the past struggles of our relationship the other night, and viola; I ended up having a dream about us being together. The dream was simple. We were spending the day together cuddling and walking around town.

So, it got me thinking. Am I the only one this happens to? Am I the only one who looks at a picture before bed or thinks of a memory and then has a dream regarding whatever I saw/thought? My uncle actually consistently falls asleep with the television on, and he always ends up dreaming about the last thing he watched before falling asleep….which explains why he always has his bedroom TV on the golf channel.

I’m curious. Tell me your stories in the comments!

18 thoughts on “I Can’t Be The Only One

  1. I think there are two types of dream-type people: those who have vivid recall of dreams, and those who don’t. I think I’m more in the first category: I tend to have vivid, often crazy, dreams that are so real, it’s like visiting another world.

  2. I know this is so random but I have had a few of those experiences as well. The two I can remember distinctly are when I was firstly “batman” on a mission! I woke and I was like ‘really!!!!???? Did you just dream you were batman??? Haha.. So crazy!

    Then the other night I dreamt I was one of those military type special force agents and again on a real mission tracking down the bad guys!!! When I woke up I was like, I really need to slow down on the action movies!!! Hahaha….

    I told you it would be random! 😉

  3. This happens to me all the time. I’ll see a tiny thing that reminds me of an ex-boyfriend, and that night I’ll have a dream where we’re friends again. So weird.

  4. I would argue that dreams are our unconscious mind trying to tell us things. I think the dreams are more metaphoric and unicornish because our unconscious knows we can’t handle the full truth of reality. Like if you have a dream that your teeth just fall out it is your much more intelligent part of the brain trying to let you know how afraid of losing someone you really are. I always try to unravel my dreams for this reason. There is something behind the cellophane flowers of yellow and green. I think it would unlock a whole lot of mysteries about ourselves. As for your ex-boyfriend dreams I think there is definitely a lesson to learn but the fun part is figuring it out. Lol great post. Thank you!

  5. My dreams are rarely realistic and of past experiences. I think it is trying to tell you something. I don’t remember any that have been true to life though. That is pretty neat.

  6. I know exactly how you feel! I am always having dreams about ex boyfriends or guys I’ve “loved from afar” (lol) even though I’m in a great relationship! It’s absolutely insane, some of them I haven’t seen in years. But of course, facebook-creeping is necessary and anyone who claims they don’t do it is lying. Haha great post!

  7. I am the same way! I have wild ass dreams where it seems like I can read whole made up novels but sometimes I test myself within the dream if I figure out I’m dreaming and I really look at the words and they’re actually blurred out. Last night I dreamt my dad and I were running from a woman with a gun next door and we jumped in his LeSabre and drove it to some weirdo ferry that could only fit one car at a time and only went one direction, even though i just meant to drive around the block, and there wasn’t another ferry going in the other direction for a long time and when we got to the other side my ten year high school reunion was there.

  8. I have really vivid dreams as well! Mine are usually crazy and don’t make much sense. But often I’ll Dream of an ex boyfriend (even though I’m in a happy relationship now) or someone from my past. Those dreams usually shake me in the morning. I believe that dreams are just your subconscious way of working through your life. Not necessarily “telling you something”, more like, something was triggered in your subconscious and now it needs to process it.

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