Dear, Self – Love, Self

Dear, Self –

Hi! How are you!? Have I told you lately how proud I am of you and how much I love you? The last three years have been so interesting and inspiring. I think it’s time to take a moment and remind yourself all that you’ve done to improve your physical and mental well being!

1 – Remember when you hated the idea of doing anything alone (traveling, eating, etc.)? Remember how you crushed that belief system by taking not one, not two, not three, but four solo trips within the last three years? You wanted to go to California, so you booked a trip to San Diego by yourself and ate alone at restaurants and explored all of the nature that the area had to offer. Then, you decided that you needed to fly out to New York to see a taping of Jimmy Fallon because of how in love with him you are. Remember when you flew there and back in one day? Phew. Crazy. Next, you decided that you had had enough of Wisconsin, so you flew out to Colorado and spent the weekend with your beautiful cousin. You partied with her friends, saw the sights, and even made out with her best guy friend! Wait, should we leave that part out? Nah, you two are still friends. Lastly, and most recently, you booked a flight out to Phoenix, Arizona because you wanted to go to the International Women’s Summit and see some of your favorite female authors speak about their lives and what they’ve done to overcome challenges. Remember how rejuvenated you felt after that conference? Hold on to that.

You didn’t only go on crazy trips by yourself, but you hang out alone in public places sometimes, and it doesn’t bother you. Remember all those concerts and movies you went to by yourself because your friends were too cheap to want to go with you? Yeah, man, they missed out!

2 – Ah, remember going back to school to receive your master’s degree? You always told yourself, “I’m never going back to school! After that bachelor’s degree, I’m done.” Well, look at you now. You finished your master’s degree in one year! You did it! Who knows, maybe, someday, you’ll find a topic that you’re all too passionate about, and you’ll want to go back for your doctorate. But, let’s just take it one step at a time. Oh, I should remind you that you got your master’s degree in one year while working full-time. You’re such a boss.

3 – I also want to commend you for asking for help with you food addiction and social anxiety. I know you didn’t know just how far down the rabbit hole you had gone, but I commend you for doing so. If you hadn’t, you could be a lot worse right now. With this, I applaud you for being open to different treatments. When you realized that hypnotherapy was the best option for you, you went with it! You put in the time, effort, and maintenance to make sure you were successful. You’re still fighting for yourself every day, and it shows. Just think about all of the friends you’ve been able to gain since seeking help. Even conversations that you have with strangers come with ease now instead of fear. And, you’ve adjusted your eating habits, and you’re healthier and happier. Go you!

4 – Remember when finding friends and dates online scared the crap out of you? I’m so proud that you decided to give the online world a firm handshake and a ‘can do’ attitude. You went on multiple dates and even found some new friends from creating profiles and putting yourself out there into the online world. Yes!

5 – Five has always been your favorite number. And number five on this list has been your favorite discovery thus far. I’m so glad that you took your cousin’s advice and conduct regular sessions with psychics and spiritual healers. Think about how much you’ve learned about yourself and the world around your from doing so! You now have a general outlook on your future and have practiced caring for your spiritual self through prayer. These sessions give you that piece of mind you’ve always searched for but couldn’t find on your own. They’ve also given you that confidence to just go out and be you knowing that everything will be ok. I’m just so in love with you for doing this!

6 – I know that the topic of religion has frightened you for so long because you thought you weren’t good enough to find your tribe, and I know you were afraid to talk about it because of how scarce it was in your life growing up. I’m so proud of you for taking a pause in your life and realizing that you want to do research on this topic and figure out for yourself where you stand. God has always been in your life, and now you know just how He fits in! I’m proud of you for continuing to pray and meditate every day and for asking the universe for help when you feel like you could use an extra boost! You have awakened the beliefs that have always been there and studied so many beautiful passages that have enhanced how you look at the world. Yes, life is beautiful.

7 – Oh, sweet, sweet social media. It’s enhanced our lives, but it’s also taken away some of the true connection that everyone craves. Remember when you used to refresh your Facebook feed all of the time because you wanted to take everything in that everyone was doing? You haven’t even logged in in the last week! There could be comments sitting there waiting for you, and you don’t even care! You’ve started to read more, workout for longer periods of time, and be fully engaged with your friends outside of your phone. I know this one was hard for you, but you’ve come so far. I’m so happy that you’ve started to disconnect and make more time for the things that really matter.

Self – Look at you and how far you’ve come! There’s so much exploring left to do! I’m so excited to see what you’re future will hold. Keep writing and sharing because your sole purpose is to make others feel less alone and to help create a community that you’re proud of. I love you so much. Keep going!


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