Life has a way of chewing us up, spitting us out, and casting a rainbow.. all in one day.

I’m Granny Smith, and for years I’ve been known as an outspoken, uncensored observer; and finally, I’m ready to tell the internet what it is, what is was, and what it shall be.

So listen up, and you just might learn something!

370 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for following my main news and hope you find something really interesting. As you have l try to write from the perspective of the story and what we need to tell the world. Followed back and will share on Ace Friends News. Regards Ian.

  2. Hey there, thanks for following my blog. Granny Smith is actually my favourite type of apple. I like how tart they are. That’s a fitting alias for someone who is outspoken and uncensored.

  3. Yay! Felicidades! You are my 100th follower! You hold a special place in the Universe, on my blog and in my heart 🙂 Sweet dreams Granny Smith

  4. Thanks for the follow. I’m learning about blogging from following others, like you and I hope to keep learning as I go along. I wanted to jot down memories of my life, not because I think they are interesting, but because I don’t want to forget those precious memories. I look forward to spending some time on your site.

  5. Hi you!, thank you for the like om my post. I am inspired by your womans-day post. I will put one up myself……Who run the world? Girls!


  6. Hi, thank you for following us, but I have some questions: 1. where is Billy? 2. is your car blellow (a mix of blue and yellow) color? and finally 3. is Putin standing on your backyard with a green teddy bear?

    Sincerely, Two Simple Writers

    PS. Your blog is fascinating.

  7. I enjoy your fair, transparent thoughts…delivered in lovely prose. Thank you for the bravery…and thank you for following my own thoughts. Best…

  8. Thank you for following my garbage blog. I’m so sorry in advance for the major disappointment and huge bout of remorse your sure to suffer, but thanks nonetheless! lol

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